Core Values


Golden Rule

We balance the needs and interests of our customers, our employees, and the company seeking a win, win, win, outcome that is equitable to all. We promote high ethical standards and keep our promises.


A Players

Team members challenge themselves to become the “A Player” they are called to be. We seek to mold our team into an easily recognizable All-Star team of “A Players”. We choose to add personnel who can quickly become a part of our “A Team”.



We believe that transparency with our customers, employees, and manufacturer will evidence our honesty and humility, leaving each party with no question regarding our sincere alignment in their mutual interests.



We Finish what we begin. We communicate the completion with appropriate stakeholders.



We are Passionate about our products and services. We possess a Passion to increase our knowledge, skill level, and professionalism. We are Passionate in our desire to increase our value to each customer and their increasing success.