PC as a Service Calculator

By answering the questions below, you will receive free access to a high-level estimate of the Total Economic Impact of Dell PC as a Service for your organization.

Assuming internal delivery, the tool will estimate your current-state costs of your full PC lifecycle services, from procurement, to deployment and support, to retirement of your end-user devices. These will then be compared to the potential future-state costs leveraging Dell’s PC as a Service offering.

What does your workforce look like?

Desk-Centric Task Worker – Most time at desk working on simple tasks:  call centers, inside sales, manufacturing, data input.
Desk-Centric Knowledge Worker – Over 50% of time at desk working on complex tasks. Marketing, finance, creative professionals, engineers.
Corridor Warrior – Over 50% of the time on the move in a corporate facility. Management, facility security, warehouse managers.
Remote Worker – Over 50% of time working from customer, public locations or home.
On-the-go Professional – Over 50% on-the-go visiting customers or remote locations. Sales, field technicians, delivery, logistics.
Specialized Worker – Most of the time in an office environment at a desk. Creatives, power workers, engineers, analysts with Specific Requirements.