Security Solutions


When it comes to security, your business needs more than an out-of-the-box package. You have unique needs, and it takes a custom solution to meet them all. Enter vTech io’s enterprise security solution. We don’t build a barricade. We enable mobility through a thorough IT security strategy that stretches seamlessly from the endpoint to the data center to the cloud. Our solutions help you:

  • Protect your whole enterprise, inside and out, efficiently and proactively
  • Comply with internal governance policies and external regulations
  • Enable the adoption of new applications and technology

It’s 360 degrees of protection that spans inside and out, proactively complying with both internal policies and external regulations. We also grow with you, giving you the ability to adopt new applications and new technology without compromising the resilience of your security.

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What we offer

Network Security

Sustain performance and simplify management with intelligent network security.

Data Security

Protect your entire ecosystem of data and devices with centrally-managed endpoint security and compliance solutions from Dell EMC.

Mobile & Endpoint Security

Protect all of your endpoints from a broad range of threats.

Identity & Access Management

Enable business agility by providing the right people the right access while ensuring integrity, confidentiality, availability and compliance.

Email Security

Protect your organization from outside attacks, ensure the secure exchange of email and meet compliance and e-discovery mandates.

Security Services

Strengthen IT security and compliance with managed security services, threat intelligence, security and risk consulting, and incident response.

Swarm Assessment

vTECH io is offering a risk-free demo of Dell EMC SonicWALL, an intelligent program that serves as a watchdog for your current firewall solution.

Free Network Assessment

Let vTECH io review your organization’s existing IT infrastructure, management, security, processes, and performance for improvement.