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Detect System Protocol
Detects outbound protocols that should not be allowed.
Detect Unrestricted
Detects system controls for protocols that should be
allowed but restricted.
Detect User Controls Determines if controls are in place for user web
Detect Wireless Access Detects and determines if wireless networks are
available and secured.
External Security
Performs detailed External Vulnerability Scan. List and
categorize external security threats.
Network Share Permissions Documents access to file system shares.
Domain Security Policy Documents domain computer and domain controller
security policies.
Detect Domain Controllers Identifies domain controllers and online status.
Local Security Policy Documents and assesses consistency of local security
FSMO Role Analysis Enumerates FSMO roles at the site
Enumerate Organization Units and
Security Groups
Lists the organizational units and security groups (with members).
User Analysis Lists the users in AD, status, and last login/use, which helps identify potential security risks.
Detect Local Mail Servers Detects mail server(s) on the network.
Detect Time Servers Detects server(s) on the network.
Discover Network Shares Discovers the network shares by server
Detect Major Applications Detects all major apps / versions and counts the number of installations.
Detailed Domain Controller Event Log
Lists the event log entries from the past 24 hours for the directory service, DNS server and
file replication service event logs.
SQL Server Analysis Lists the SQL Servers and associated database(s).
Internet Domain Analysis Queries company domain(s) via a WHOIS lookup.
Password Strength Analysis Uses MBSA to identify computers with weak passwords that may pose a security risk.
Missing Security Updates Uses MBSA to identify computers missing security updates.
System by System Event Log Analysis Discovers the five system and app event log errors for servers.
External Security Vulnerabilities Lists the security holes and warnings from External Vulnerability Scan.
Site Diagram The schematic shows the basic network structure, with convenient drill downs into
each group of like workstations. Each device is annotated with important identifying
configuration information and is color-coded based on its status.
Asset Detail Report For each network scan, this report provides detailed information on each of the individual
assets discovered. The report is ideal for cataloging and documenting the complete settings
and configurations for individual workstations and servers.
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