SWARM Assessment

Keeping Your Security a Priority

Risk-Free Security Demo: All We Need is You

Is your current firewall solution up-to-date? Is it keeping threats from affecting your company’s security? vTECH io is offering a risk-free demo of Dell SonicWALL, an intelligent program that serves as a watchdog for your current firewall solution. In 7 days, the SonicWall will monitor your traffic flow and determined whether your firewall is an effective firewall solution, or if there are gaps in your security.

The SonicWall is a quiet spectator within your system. It is a non-invasive opportunity to discover security gaps that may affect your security. This risk-free demo does not require any major installation, nor will it affect your firewall solution. The idea is simple: Dell SonicWALL adheres to 1-1-1. All we need is:

  • 1 Port: A SPAN port or mirror port on your switch is recommended.
  • 1 Hour: It only takes an hour for a member of our team to set up and present Dell SonicWall.
  • 1 Week: A lot can happen in a week. The SonicWALL will sit behind your current firewall, monitoring the traffic flow for 7 days.

For 7 days, the Dell SonicWALL will monitor and capture the information flow of your business. Dell’s security assessment will not impact your solution in any way. Following the requisite 7 days, our team will gather and share a detailed Executive Threat Report that has several outcomes. This report will either:

1. Reaffirm that your current firewall solution is successful, or
2. Identify lapses in your firewall and suggest next-step solutions towards a cohesive security initiative

This SWARM assessment is an all-encompassing demo to capture and monitor your security solution in its entirety. To begin your risk-free Dell SonicWALL 1-1-1 demo, simply fill out the form and one of our security professionals will contact you shortly.

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