Cloud Solutions

Data is one of your most valuable assets. Taking away the headaches of storing, accessing, and securing that data is our priority with cloud computing.

Why vTECH io?


Storage Problems?

Get your head in the cloud!

Do you often need to access your files remotely?

Are you an IT professional doing updates and maintenance for files that employees don’t use?

If your staff is complaining and frustrated with slow or limited storage, the cloud is for you!

Our experienced and trustworthy team makes sure your business runs without interruptions. 


Let’s make your business more successful by helping your employees be more efficient and productive!

Built-in redundancy so employees can access necessary files from anywhere there’s Wi-Fi.

Extra features you can’t get when you’re on a traditional server.

Ability to focus on workloads that people care about.

More than enough storage.

Speeds that don’t slow anyone down. (Did your stress level just go down, too?)

Save time & money and have peace of mind.

How Do I Get Started?

– Contact Us! – Get a Quote and Proposal – Schedule Work – Deploy and Install

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Step 4

Tech Support Ready!


Take a virtual victory lap with our team!

We offer drama-free IT. We commit to keep you in the loop and explain what we do in simple-to-understand terms. Don’t stopgap your cloud storage. We offer the comprehensive ability to do it all for you.

We can lower data center and infrastructure costs. Because we’re in the business of storage, we can offer premium services at a cost that’s less expensive than it would be to purchase and maintain the equipment on your own. You’re not going to be nickel and dimed.

Our tech team offers 24/7 secure monitoring through Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and VMWare.

We Help Companies Navigate the Complex World of IT to Achieve Their Growth Objectives

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