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When it comes to security, your business needs more than an out-of-the-box package. You have unique needs, and it takes a custom solution to meet them. Enter vTECH io’s enterprise security solution. We don’t build a barricade, rather vCyberGuard enables mobility through an IT security strategy. We enable mobility through a thorough IT security strategy that stretches seamlessly from the endpoint to the data center to the cloud.  Download our vCyberGuard brochure 

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Full Security Stack Solutions

Leveraging the Center for Internet Security and National Institute of Science & Technology, vTECH io has built a full layered security solution designed to protect each segment of the network. vCyberGuard includes network monitoring services, enterprise email security, multiple next generation endpoint protection suites, threat hunting services, vulnerability and penetration testing services, network access control solutions, and full solution architecture and managed services for both hardware and cloud based Unified Threat Management Firewalls.

Network Vulnerability & Penetration Services

The first step in understanding the security risks that may be hiding in your network is reviewing the software and network equipment that is in your network. Networks are a complex and ever-changing landscape of user applications, connectivity, and data.

Maintaining that equipment and information is a constant challenge, especially when you consider the more than 120,000 and growing new cyber threats that emerge daily. For identifying these potential vulnerabilities and key network architecture services, vTECH io is proud to offer the following Blue Team Vulnerability Services:

  • Network Vulnerability & Architecture Study – External
  • Network Vulnerability & Architecture Study – Internal
  • Dark Web Scanning Service (one time or monthly service).

The security and vulnerability testing extend to include full partnerships for full red team testing, leveraging partners to avoid any appearance of bias reporting. This includes:

  • Blue Team Penetration Testing Internal
  • Blue Team Penetration Testing External
  • Red Team Pivot Testing (Lateral Movement, Privilege Escalation and Living Off The Land)
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Web Services & API Testing
  • iOS & Android Mobile App Testing
  • Physical Security Testing
  • Full Red Team
The security and vulnerability testing extend to include full partnerships for full red team testing, leveraging partners to avoid any appearance of bias reporting. This includes:
  • 24/7 Managed SOC Solution
    vTECH io can deliver a powerful and embedded security monitoring solution for all of your SIEM requirements. A Machine Learning and AI Platform built on Big/Fast Data Architecture. Comprehensive Threat Detection and Remediation built into single platform. Out of box – automatically presents only analyzed/verified threats – no tuning ever. Leverages AI to Detect and then stop the Threats – With no human intervention. An integrated solution that covers compliance and a broad spectrum of use cases. Vulnerability Assessment leverages next-gen vulnerability management technology to provide the most accurate information about all your assets and vulnerabilities in ever-changing environments. Its streamlined interface, intuitive guidance, and seamless integration help security teams maximize efficiency. When visibility and insight matter most, we help you truly understand your cyber exposure.

    Achieve world-class vulnerability management without the hardware, software and maintenance requirements of most scanning products, in an on-demand service. Our next-gen SIEM technology is fully managed and maintained by our dedicated SOC team, eliminating administration and maintenance burdens so you can better focus on protecting your assets and reducing business risk.

  • Managed Enterprise Email Protection
    Email is the number one threat vector—more than 90% of cyber attacks start with email. In addition to common email threats like phishing and malware, emerging business email compromise (BEC) has posed a new threat to organizations. Proofpoint Email Protection catches both known and unknown threats that others miss. By processing billions of messages each day, Proofpoint  sees more threats, detects them faster, and better protects you against hard-to-detect malware less threats, such as impostor emails. With Email Protection, you can stop a vast majority of threats before they arrive in your user’s inbox
  • Managed Endpoint Protection Suites
    vTECH io in an effort to support every potential customer’s unique security and financial needs has partnered with several of the industry’s best Anti-Virus and Endpoint Protection giants. This includes Carbon Black, SentinelOne, Avast, and Malwarebytes.
  • Network Access Control Solutions
    Identifying, controlling, and monitoring the devices that connect to the network is an essential part of network security. Today’s networks need reliable and powerful systems for Network Access Control, and vTECH io is proud to offer customizable solutions to fit your network’s needs.
  • End User Training Programs & Awareness Campaigns
    Today’s end users represent the first line in defense in cyber-attacks. Making sure they are aware of the threat posed to them, including C-Level employees, is a must have for any organization. Understanding data sensitivity, especially in regulated industries is a critical objective. Provide this training to your entire company, with customized and specific up-to-date real-world demonstrations, designed to fit your particular company needs. Providing online web training with testing services to reinforce lessons learned to keep employees on their toes.
  • Managed Network Security Solutions
    Network based security inspection requires a diligent and experienced touch to properly deploy, configure, and manage day-to-day tasks. The days of just putting a firewall in place are long passed. Today’s threat landscape dictates the need for advanced Deep Packet Inspection, Unified Threat Management Gateways, Web Application Firewalls, Secure Remote Access, and advanced Zero Trust Network Architecture.

The vCyberGuard program delivers the appropriate solution to your network’s needs to
ensure and having the right solution that provide the security your company needs.
To learn more about how vTECH io can help you prevent cyber breaches in your network
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