Data Center Solutions

Your data center is the backbone of your business. Could you imagine not having to worry about it?
We make sure your data center is secure and designed with growth in mind

vTECH io leverages  deep industry expertise to build the data center that is best for your company’s unique needs, with proven effectiveness in harsh environments and unmatched scalability. At vTECH io, you’ll get honesty and proven data that shows why we are guiding you in a certain direction.

Why vTECH io?


Dell + vTECH io = Success!

Are you overwhelmed about making the right decision about what kind of data center you need? 

The experienced and trustworthy team at vTECH io is here to steer you in the right direction. 


We have your back.

At vTECH io, we know that giving someone the keys to your kingdom is not an easy decision.
We will give you an honest evaluation while also taking your budget into consideration.  

We offer the best-in-class Dell server for storage and networking. Have you ever had a best-in-class Dell experience? It’s going to elevate your business.

Our team will make sure you have 24/7 access to your information, business, customers, and data. And us. Customer service is a top priority!

As your company grows, we can grow with you. In unfortunate times of market downturn, we can scale back as needed.

Hyperconvergence makes management decisions appear seamless.

You can count on intelligently optimized and protected data, streamlined operations, and reduced infrastructure costs.

As your partner, we can demonstrate a proof of concept so you can have peace of mind that our solution will work.

How Do I Get Started?

– Contact Us! – Get a Quote and Proposal – Schedule Work – Deploy and Install

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Tech Support Ready!


You worked hard to build your company. Let us help you grow with fewer headaches.

A data center is a huge decision. You are on the line for it. We completely understand. At vTECH io, you’ll get honesty and proven data that shows why we are guiding you in a certain direction.   Call us today for secure, cost-effective solutions. 

Are you managing outdated equipment and technology? If your equipment is 5 years old or more, we can help you reassess it.

Data-center services provide high efficiency without any hidden costs.

Turn to vTECH io to upgrade/enhance your infrastructure within your budget constraints and timeline.

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