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Storage arrays are critical parts of networks. You need a high-quality management system to keep track of capacity, problems, and trends.
Are you puzzled about the number of drives and IOPs (input/output operations per second) you need? Maybe you know the speed of your network and what type of external and non-external storage is best for your business, but would like an expert to take care of it. In any case, downtime is going to hurt your company.

Storage Array

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To improve performance, you need to measure it. Our Dell-certified storage engineers can help you figure it out! Let us help your business run smoothly by handling your storage array.

  • Do you need more space and faster storage? We’ve got best-in-class Dell performance, guaranteed satisfaction, and proven compatibility.
  • We have Dell Powerstore: Built from the ground up with next-generation storage technology to make your business more agile and prepared for change.
  • Dell EMC Unity XT Series: The no-compromise midrange storage platform designed for performance, optimized for efficiency, and built for a multi-cloud world.
  • We are a legacy product! Dell has a 7-year guarantee and is 100% upgradable.

We can handle your SAN (Storage Area Network) and network-attached storage (NAS) network-based storage solutions. At vTECH io, we will help you understand your performance needs and will listen to what you want to accomplish, while automating some of it to take away any burden off you.

  • When you call us, we don’t just send you a quote for storage. We take our time and do our due diligence. We take the time to get you what you need.
  • We offer a free consultation: With Dell EMC Live Optics, we can collect, visualize, and share data about your IT environment and workloads. Then we send you a report to help you understand your storage array needs.
  • We provide you a network diagram with recommendation free of charge.

With our Dell products we offer duplication and compression with the most power and speed. Compression brings efficiency and storage and will not compromise the integrity of your data. Dell storage will pay attention to your network, notice what is accessed more frequently, and will prioritize that information and push the rest into lower resourcing.

Protection is essential. Servers fail and disasters can happen, so without the ability to duplicate and keep data across multiple media, your business will have a problem. Be proactive, and let us prevent problems before they happen.

How do I get it?

  1. Call and be connected with a sales rep and a technical resource guide.
  2. Discuss materials and services, and you will receive a quote and proposal.
  3. Place order and schedule work.
  4. Set up deployment! Tech support is always at the ready.

Don’t suffer through one more day of storage problems!

Turn to vTECH io for enterprise storage that not only gives you security but also saves you money. Advanced storage security and performance for your business starts with the experts at vTECH io.

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