Our Story

We’ve grown from humble beginnings, and we’re here to help you grow your company!

Why Vtech io?


Our Story

David and Donna Peterson are passionate about technology and building trustworthy relationships with clients.

When they were looking for an enterprise technology company in Florida, they just couldn’t find one that had reliable, cutting-edge technology and a team that exhibited exceptional values.

They purchased vTECH io in 2001 to fulfill a need that the business community was lacking.

The Petersons were committed from the start and worked with their employees to create a set of core values that would help result in a win/win/win/win outcome no matter the technology being purchased.

Bringing value through values is key. The Petersons consistently make sure customers, employees, manufacturers, and stakeholders are in the win column. These core values are now referred to as “The vTECH io Way”.

Ever hear, ‘That’s not the way I would have done it,” after a project has been completed? Not at vTECH io.

With our team living out The vTECH io Way, customers count on us to introduce fresh solutions to their business problems, installations, knowledge transfers, support, and managed services. With some of the brightest engineering resources in the USA, customers can get the job done with one individual responsible for white-board to knowledge transfer.

We’ve grown from humble beginnings, and we’re ready to help you grow your company!

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What Customers Are Saying

We were so pleased with the sales and service that vTECH io provided to Orthopedic Specialists of SWFL that we immediate engaged them on our next project which was to upgrade our firewall where we chose Dell SonicWall HA system. We will continue to use and would highly recommend vTECH io for any technical purchases or services.

James Ruggiero

Orthopedic Specialist of SW Florida

vTECH io has been a valuable source of technical leadership. They have successfully implemented what they sold and demonstrated a strong local commitment to our success as a dedicated partner.

Cheri Newton

IT Director, NOMS Healthcare

I am sure Jay tells you often but your team is awesome!  Everyone I have dealt with is top notch!  I know at times it’s been a little challenging given the state we were in when you started service, but your team really does their best to help in any way they can or suggest other resources as needed.  Feel free to use me as a resource for any other company that is evaluating you.  I would be happy to share my experience with them.

Michelle Perkins, LDO NCLE

VP & General Manager, Black Pearl Vision