We offer business continuity with our telephony services and eliminate the guesswork companies have when it comes to IP telephony solutions.

Can you quickly have your business functioning in person one day and remotely the next? Can you work when the power is out, or when you cannot access your office building?

Integrated Voice and Data To Meet The Needs of Your Business

Let vTECH io design, implement and maintain your IP telephony network:

  • Dump your antiquated PBX phone system and try our integrated, Internet-based system with a firewall.
  • With our telephony solutions you can function as if you are in the office even when you are not.
  • We work with Mitel, the oldest most-proven communications company in the world, which has a partnership with Google. This means reliable backup data centers to maintain operations.
  • We offer on-premise, cloud, or hybrid models.
Does your business need to integrate CRM applications with a voice network? Tired of maintaining separate voice and data networks? Looking for ways to lower telephone and long distance costs — not to mention the expense of moves, adds, or changes? If the answer is yes, then the question isn’t if you should consider transitioning from your traditional PBX-based telephony to an IP Telephony solution, but when.
  • We have been building and maintaining networks for companies large and small. Our team has the skills, processes, and staff to make sure you get the right solution to integrate voice, video, and data networks.
  • Our experts provide the experience and expertise to ensure your needs are implemented and supported today, and in the future.
How do I get it?
  1. Call and be connected with a sales rep and a technical resource guide.
  2. Discuss scoping with engineering, then receive a quote and proposal.
  3. Place order and schedule work.
  4. Set up deployment! Tech support is always at the ready.
Turn to vTECH io for all of your telephony needs that give you security and flexibility. Our experience as a leading technology and systems integrator means you get a cost-effective solution that delivers the results you expect.
IP Telephony

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