Six Steps to Stopping Ransomware Damage

Executive Summary
While ransomware has been on the radar of cybersecurity teams for quite some time, activity increased seven-fold just in the second half of 2020.1 One reason for this jump is the rapid growth of the Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) industry. RaaS continues to make it easier for pretty much any bad actor to mount targeted ransomware attacks, even if they do not have the skills to develop and launch them on their own. The combination of low risk, low barrier to entry, and high profits means ransomware will continue to be a favorite attack of hackers. More cyber criminals will launch more attacks, more often.
But even with ransomware’s increasing sophistication and volume, it is possible to avoid being a victim. When an organization is in the midst of a ransomware attack, it’s too late to put the processes and technology in place to stop the damage. Planning and preparation before it occurs is critical. This eBook will explain the key steps to take to mitigate the impacts of ransomware.