Ransomware Readiness Assessment

With the many enterprises now deploying their workforces from home a new set of security challenges are emerging.

The bad guys are at work, actively exploiting new opportunities to compromise networks. It is now more important than ever for organizations to assess their readiness to withstand or recover from an exploit.

Network Assessment

Let vTECH io help you review your organization’s existing IT infrastructure, security, and performance to identity opportunities for improvement and get a comprehensive view of your IT environment with our assessment tools.

Visually Explore Workload Performance

Dell Live Optics™ Your performance is unique to you.

Live Optics gives you a safe and simple way to record and communicate your performance fingerprint.


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As a customer of vTECH io, you will get the VIP treatment. Our engineers will turn complex technology into a simple solution that works. At the end of the day, your business has to be secure and efficient. We get it. We’ll even be here around the clock just in case any issues arise. Our expert and experienced team is passionate about the best technology and the best service. With vTECH io as your technology partner, we are rooting for your success!


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It doesn’t get better than best-in-class technology, warranties, and service. Dell is a proven industry leader, and our team is Dell certified.


Storing, accessing, and securing data can bring on headaches. Cloud computing and wireless options not only make business run smoother, they also save on costs.


Cyber incidents and ransomware attacks can happen without warning. With vTECH io experts in your back pocket, your business will stay operational and your data will be as secure as possible.


Growth will happen when you stop maintaining your own servers. We provide scalable support, expert advice, equipment management and installation, and affordable innovations for optimal performance.

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Michael AndrewsMichael Andrews
18:33 24 May 23
vTECH io has managed and monitored our firewall since 2017. We count on them to protect our perimeter and inform us of what's happening within our network. Chris and his team are responsive and polite and always bring any issues to a prompt resolution.
Michael SorekMichael Sorek
14:39 21 Jul 22
vtech io is always the best partner to contact if you need stuff for your business done. The are fast and professional and the customer service is outstanding. I deal with this company for many years and can recommend there business to everyone...
Devin HarmsDevin Harms
15:56 13 Sep 20
I have been a member of vTECH io's CIO forum in Sarasota led by Chris McDaniel for several years. As an IT leader in the Sarasota region I have found these forums valuable and informative for networking, personal growth, and collaboration. Contact with peers in the IT industry and being able to share experiences helps provide context and affirms spending decisions.
michael parksmichael parks
20:28 03 Sep 20
Success for Kids and Families offers a comprehensive array of services to individuals and families struggling with mental health, behavioral and/or substance abuse challenges. We depend on Don Phelps, our dedicated engineer, and the vTECH io team to manage our entire network. Since transitioning to them we have had a “drama free” IT and our operations are always stable. They are very responsive and I can always count on them when needed.
Dave FaloonDave Faloon
21:02 02 Sep 20
vTech io has made a tremendous positive difference in our information technology support for us in these last nine months! Our experience is night and day different from our previous IT Service Provider. Don Phelps, our engineer, is great to work with and has a great attitude. He communicates efficiently with my staff (of five offices) and me. This is why vTech io is doing so well. Great people, great culture. Keep up the great work!Dave F., Tampa, FL

We were so pleased with the sales and service that vTECH io provided to Orthopedic Specialists of SWFL that we immediate engaged them on our next project which was to upgrade our firewall where we chose Dell SonicWall HA system. We will continue to use and would highly recommend vTECH io for any technical purchases or services.

James Ruggiero

Orthopedic Specialist of SW Florida

vTECH io has been a valuable source of technical leadership. They have successfully implemented what they sold and demonstrated a strong local commitment to our success as a dedicated partner.

Cheri Newton

IT Director, NOMS Healthcare

I am sure Jay tells you often but your team is awesome!  Everyone I have dealt with is top notch!  I know at times it’s been a little challenging given the state we were in when you started service, but your team really does their best to help in any way they can or suggest other resources as needed.  Feel free to use me as a resource for any other company that is evaluating you.  I would be happy to share my experience with them.

Michelle Perkins, LDO NCLE

VP & General Manager, Black Pearl Vision