In the vibrant fabric of a company’s team, family ties often create a special story. As we wrap up our series on the influential figures at vTECH io, we’re captivated by a tale that blends tradition with new ideas. Today we shine a light on DJ Peterson, a visionary whose journey reflects his family’s legacy while charting his own course forward.

Navigating Challenges with Determination

Since assuming the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in May 2021, he has steered the financial helm of vTECH io. However, his journey within the company traces back to his high school days where he worked as an after-school technician assistant helping with entry level tasks. After graduating college in 2014, he joined the company full time as an IAM engaging in cold-call sales initiatives to bolster company expansion. Within two months of being on staff as a full-time employee, he was transitioned into becoming the company’s one-man finance team to fill a vacancy left after the departure of a previous long time finance director. After the company had seen a few years of steady growth, the time came in 2017 when a multi-person department was needed to keep the company running. During this period DJ stepped out of the role of sole finance guru, taking a backseat in the new finance department to a veteran CFO brought aboard. While working under the seasoned CFO, he took charge of the Purchasing Manager role, completely revitalizing what had been a previous pain point for the company.

Now as CFO, he oversees a committed team responsible for upholding vTECH io’s financial integrity. Among these crucial team members is Greyson Lowe, who has replaced DJ as Purchasing Manager for a little over a year now. Greyson’s integration into DJ’s team marked a pivotal milestone in his career journey. Initially hesitant to assume the demanding role of CFO, DJ took on the dual responsibilities of both CFO and Purchasing Manager for a year to again meet the needs of the organization. Greyson’s arrival transformed the dynamics of the team. Side by side with DJ, Greyson diligently absorbed every facet of the job, emerging as a trusted ally. Greyson’s support allowed DJ to concentrate fully on his core responsibilities as CFO, marking a significant achievement in his career trajectory.

While envisioning his career path, DJ didn’t always foresee himself delving into the intricacies of finance. During college, he pursued business studies with finance emerging as his least favorite aspect of the curriculum. His interests and abilities lay more in the art of operational problem solving coupled with a deep affinity for people management. However, he understood the importance of helping where he is needed and has since embraced his current role.

Dedication to Excellence

DJ has popularized a mantra within vTECH io: “We sell everything, to everyone, from everyone, in every way.” This phrase encapsulates the company ethos and guides day-to-day endeavors. His approach is rooted in operational simplicity and efficiency; plus, companywide hands-on involvement underscores the dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our clientele. At vTECH io, customer satisfaction reigns supreme, and DJ’s unwavering resolve ensures that no customer is ever turned away without their needs met. He takes pride in swiftly addressing any finance or product sourcing challenges that arise.

While he isn’t directly involved in the technological aspects of the company, he acknowledges the profound impact technology has on our world. Like many of our leaders, he shares reservations about the implications of AI. While automation can streamline tasks, it also introduces uncertainties about the future of human competency. As automation increases, the need for human driven critical thinking and ingenuity decreases. DJ views this caution as a guiding principle for our hiring practices. At vTECH io, we prioritize our identity as a human-centric company offering real solutions from real people. Our customers recognize the value of interacting with competent humans, not automated bots.

DJ encourages others to emphasize sincerity, dedication, and intentionality in their work. Nothing can replace a commitment to doing one’s honest best, striving for authenticity in every endeavor. He advocates for being steadfast in a desire to serve others, both professionally and personally. Furthermore, he stresses the need to maintain emotional composure while remaining ever ready to face unforeseen difficulties.

Ready for Innovation?

His journey at vTECH io embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, resilience and adaptability. From his beginnings in a part-time IT role to his pivotal leadership as CFO, DJ has navigated challenges with unwavering determination and a commitment to excellence. His dedication to customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and human-centered faith-based values exemplify the principles of vTECH io. Ready to experience the innovation and dedication of vTECH io firsthand? Contact us now to access our cutting-edge services and join a community committed to excellence! Let’s embark on this journey together!