In the bustling world of business, leaders are the lifeblood; steering their ventures towards uncharted territories and conquering new horizons is their ambition. At the helm of vTECH io, we find the inspiring duo, David and Donna Peterson, whose visionary approach and steadfast dedication embody the spirit of innovation and progress. Join me over the rest of this series as we embark on unraveling the tapestry of who the Petersons are as leaders, showcasing their remarkable achievements, leadership philosophy, and the indelible mark they’ve left on vTECH io and the technology industry as a whole. 

A Love Story  

The Petersons’ love story began at Sioux Falls College in South Dakota. It was a fateful encounter when David, a young man with a playful spirit, decided to take a leap and jokingly asked, “Bonnie, will you marry me?” Donna happened to be walking through the bustling student union steps at that very moment. She heard David’s jest and with a sparkle in her eyes, she responded, “How about me?” Her reply carried an air of charm and spontaneity that immediately caught David’s attention. In this moment, amidst the laughter and camaraderie, Bonnie, the hypothetical bride-to-be, never had the chance to respond. Little did they know, their playful exchange was the beginning of a lifelong journey together, a love story that would be marked by the same humor, spontaneity, and deep connection that ignited that first spark on the campus of Sioux Falls College. They went on to raise four wonderful children, several of whom have played pivotal roles in the expansion and success of their family businesses.  

Nevertheless, they are not an ‘all work and no play’ type of family. David himself is a water and wind enthusiast. He embarked on a thrilling adventure one day. Kite surfing from Pompano Beach to Ft. Lauderdale, he found himself in a tricky situation. In a generous gesture, he had handed his bus money for the return trip to a friend who was down winding alongside him. As their journey progressed, David’s friend reached Ft. Lauderdale ahead of him and, without realizing the predicament he had put David in, promptly departed. Stranded in Ft. Lauderdale, David had no choice but to resort to panhandling along the beach, gathering enough money to cover the bus fare for the ten-mile journey back to his vehicle. 

Back to Business 

David also has a unique talent for inadvertently causing technology to malfunction. Frustrated by an experience with a workstation that had let him down, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Wielding a sledgehammer as a symbolic act of retribution, as immortalized on his LinkedIn account, David showed no mercy to his ex-workstation. So, while spearheading a tech company, the Petersons don’t identify as tech enthusiasts; they epitomize true entrepreneurship seeking solutions to the challenges that lay before them.   

Using the knowledge gained from his music education degree, David has conducted many new business ventures. Recognizing an unmet need in IT, the Petersons seized the initiative to address it. Transitioning from their property insurance business, they assumed leadership roles of vTECH io in 2001. Over their years of leadership, they’ve learned that A-players are not only valuable assets but are also easy to lead and manage. When asked for advice to those aspiring to pursue a career in technology, the Petersons’ advice strikes a chord with all, cutting across any profession: ‘Acquire as many certifications as possible.’ The Petersons know A players are people who invest in themselves, doing whatever it takes to improve their own talents. Their relentless desire for continuous personal and professional growth is evident in the seamless collaboration and efficiency of the vTECH io team. 

The Peterson’s day-to-day responsibilities encompass upholding vTECH io’s core values and nurturing its unique culture. David orchestrates the role of the principal talent scout for their swiftly expanding company, a virtuoso in bringing forth numerous long-term leaders—individuals whose artistic brilliance we will immerse ourselves in, painting vibrant portraits of their journeys with vTECH io in the coming weeks.  

As we strive to evolve and develop ourselves, let us extend our assistance in your journey to enhance and elevate your organization. Reach out to vTECH io today and see how we can help.