Anyone who has worked with vTECH io in the last 12 years has interacted with Rob Krug, our next vTECH io key employee. Whether it’s face-to-face or behind the scenes, Rob is involved in every aspect of vTECH io’s cybersecurity. He is a seasoned expert with international acclaim, recognized for his award-winning leadership in safeguarding our customers’ businesses.

Rob’s journey in the cyber world traces back to 1990 when he was working for an investigative service, navigating the intricacies of online tracking. Since then, his career has taken him across the globe, serving as a Data Security Analyst and a Senior Security Engineer. With an impressive portfolio that includes stints at cybersecurity giants like SonicWall and Avast, and collaborations with entities as significant as the Department of Defense, Rob Krug has consistently been on the frontline of digital defense.

In 2012, the paths of Rob Krug and vTECH io converged when he became a trusted advisor to our CTO, Shawn Ruhl. Working independently with the vTECH io team for several years, Rob’s expertise and commitment paved the way for the establishment of our dedicated cybersecurity division in 2019. Since then, he has become an indispensable and permanent fixture within the vTECH io family, shaping the landscape of cybersecurity with his wealth of experience and unyielding dedication.

Navigating the Cyber Frontier: A Journey of Passion, Transparency, and Future Challenges

In 1985, his fascination with computers sparked as he disassembled his first computer to unravel its inner workings. Throughout his career, he prioritized personal fulfillment over prestigious titles, choosing the path that brings him happiness and comfort. Opting to depart significant roles in large corporations, he pursued work aligned with his true passions.

His enthusiasm thrives in initiating projects from their inception, involving customers in the developmental stages to ensure a transparent understanding of how we safeguard their valuable investments. Researching and solving problems exhilarates him, shaping his approach to cybersecurity.

However, amidst the anticipation surrounding the AI future, his concern lies in potential government mandates and the prospect of big tech takeovers. Recognizing the longstanding presence of AI, he cautions against overlooking it’s evolving nature and the potential far-reaching implications it holds for our collective future in the cyber world.

Forging a Career in Cybersecurity: Rob’s Insights on Education, Experience, and Certifications

Rob’s unequivocal advice for those eyeing a future in cybersecurity is to consider bypassing traditional college routes. In his view, the key determinant for success in this field is hands-on experience. Drawing from his own 34-year journey, he advocates starting from the ground up and progressing through the ranks.

Aligning with the perspective of our CEO, David Peterson, Rob emphasizes the importance of amassing certifications. His extensive list includes credentials in Security of IT Systems, Ethical Hacking, Forensic Analysis, Reverse Engineering of Malware, Linux and Unix, and numerous vendor certifications for various security products and solutions.

Recognizing the diverse facets of cybersecurity, Rob encourages aspiring professionals to choose a specialized path and initiate their certification process. For foundational knowledge, he recommends starting with CompTIA, while pointing to SANS and CISSP for comprehensive security training and Offensive Security for those interested in PEN Testing. His advice for those new to the IT sector is to not focus too much on one vendor. There is no one-stop shop for solving a solution in cybersecurity. We earn our customers by offering them the best solution, not the easiest.

Charting the Cyber Frontier

Rob Krug’s impactful journey within vTECH io, spanning over a remarkable 12 years, embodies a commitment to excellence, transparency, and an unwavering dedication to the dynamic field of cybersecurity. From the earliest days of computer fascination to his pivotal role as a trusted advisor and key figure in shaping vTECH io’s dedicated cybersecurity division, Rob’s story reflects the essence of our organization. As we navigate the cyber frontier, Rob’s influence remains a driving force, inspiring innovation and reinforcing our collective commitment to safeguarding the digital world. The journey continues, guided by the passion and expertise of individuals like Rob Krug, shaping the future of cybersecurity with each keystroke.