Uncover funding sources that directly support school safety.

Budget constraints can limit choice when it comes to school safety and crisis response solutions. Too often this leads to short-term decisions that have long-term costs.

Here’s why. 

  • Classroom phones and wall-mounted buttons aren’t always within reach of where an emergency is happening
  • Mobile apps are dependent on cellular connectivity which can be spotty or unavailable
  • Two-way radios are effective for the people who have them, but that isn’t typically every teacher and staff member  

Thanks to the availability of a number of funding sources, your district can deliver clear, accurate, and accessible crisis response solutions.

CrisisAlert from CENTEGIX aligns with the CARES Act and enables school districts to fund their school safety plans and protect every staff member and student.
Find your funding source and improve your school’s crisis response plan today. When a crisis happens, every second matters.

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